Hours of Operation

TANK WASH MON – THU 7 am – 6:00 pm FRI 7 am – 4 pm
PARTS & SERVICE MON – THU 7 am – 4:30 pm FRI 7 am – 4 pm

Toll Free: 800.303.6293

Direct: 615.350.8041


“Elite gets my trucks and trailers serviced quicker and better than any other group does. I schedule a time and I am in and out.”

Pilot | Lead Driver

“If you have a Scully problem of any kind there is only one place to take it if you want it fixed, and that is Elite. Nobody can solve and repair Scully problems like they can. Doesn't matter if it is a probe or a fuse or the brain, they have it in stock and can repair it right away.”

Southern Energy | Driver

“Best brake service in Middle Tennessee and the best pricing. They have come and gotten me going off the side of the road and into their shop, and then fixed and on the road. Nothing but a first rate job!”

Beach Oil | Driver

“Elite has removed the suspension from several of our trailers, completely rebuilt them, remounted the tank, and they pull like brand new trailers.”

Service Transport | Driver

“We had Elite do a complete repair on one of our petroleum tankers that had rolled. It came out of their shop looking and operating better than the day we first put the trailer ion Service.”

Beach Oil

“We use Elite to wash our trailers out, maintain our trailers, and maintain our trucks. They are the best around.”

Quality Carriers

“I come to Elite because they have everything on hand I need to keep going. Drop hoses, drop elbows. lights, anything you need to haul fuel and anything you need to keep your trailer rolling. Other service places come to Elite to get parts!”

Eco-Energy | Driver

“Elite's Tank Wash never lets me down. They get my hoses and my trailers clean every time! Best service I get anywhere on the road.”

Rhyno Trucking | Driver

“If you want it done right at a fair price..doesn't matter if it is tank wash, trailer work, or truck work...go to Elite!”

Bobby Jones | Frontier Logistics

“Elite repaired leaks in the barrels and replaced the wrapping on several trailers for us, even repaired the heads. Incredible workmanship!”

Quality Carriers

“Elite can fix anything related to your pump! Repacking, leaking, PTO, driveline, new pump it doesn't matter. Done right and everything is in stock.”

Key Oil | Driver

“Elite has gotten us several new tanks and mounted them on new trucks for us. They do tremendous fab work, and everything is done well and works just as it should. Their experience kept us from making some poor decisions with regard to how to set up our trucks.”

Evoqua Water Technologies

“Best ABS guys you can find. They have the computers to hook up and get it done right. No band-aids like other places. These guys fix it to stay fixed.”

Pilot | Driver

“We bought a refurbished trailer from Elite. Better than any new one we could have bought! Thanks guys!”

Usher Transport

“Best welders and work on trailers as you will find! Don't go anywhere else!”

Hollingsworth Oil | Driver